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Friendship StoriesWritten by Shari

My daughter 3 1/2 was having some difficulties getting used to her new preschool. Prior to arriving at the stairs of the school, she would say mommy - not today, I don’t want to go, I will stay with you today! Leaving her at preschool was just as hard for me as it was for her, watching her with tears in her eyes while saying good bye in the mornings brought tears to my eyes. I would quickly turn away so that she wouldn’t see me!

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Moving on to a new path in life...

Timeless & Unique 
The Perfect Friendship Gift

The Perfect Gift that says, We Are Always Connected

Discover Friendship Stone Gifts and give those you care about most a present as 
old as time itself and as new as the flicker of your heart’s expression. 
No matter the distance, exquisite Friendship Stone Gifts keep you 
close to beloved friends and family.

In a pocket or as jewelry, carrying your Friendship Gift will keep you close

Each Friendship Stone’s story begins in the fertile land of South Africa. Just as we are shaped by those we touch and who touch us, the stone’s mysterious glint and depth is forged first by nature, then uniquely formed and polished by the touch of stone-on-stone tumbling. Read the Story Behind The Friendship Stone.

Ideal for new friends with whom you discover a connection, meaningful as an extraordinary token of appreciation, and profound as a keepsake for those who touch your heart as you move through your life’s journey.


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Favorite Stone Stories

Lucky Stones

Jill and Cathy had given me a friendship stone necklace just a couple months back and I wore it with pride. I wore it hiking. I wore it with my little black dress. I wore it to a Dodger's game. And when Mother's Day rolled around I passed it on.

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An Adventurous Stone


My name is Katinka and I live in Belgium, Europe. I gave the friendship stone to my daughter’s boyfriend, Hamish. She met him while studying in Denmark.


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Friendship Fan
I absolutely love my Friendship Stone from my dear friend from chilldhood.  In reality, it is a small item, but it packs a large load in terms of sentiment and love.
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The Free Gift of Friendship
Since the holidays is upon us I have been budgetingwhat to get the special people in my life. I have 3 children and one of them even shares a Birthday in December. December can run our family tight. I was talking with one of my Bible study friends today about the Holidays and what to get friends.
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Value of communications

I first met Cathy when I was 17 years old. It was at that time when I had to leave my father's house, as I wasn't getting along with my stepmother at all.

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A Sense of Hope
My Friendship Stone came at the most needed time and brought with it a sense of hope. I keep the stone beside my bed and every time I look at it, I am reminded to take a moment and think happy thoughts. Thank you for giving me such a powerful gift.

Me and my best friend are going through a diffcult time at the moment. I do appreciate the friendship so much.
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Valuable Gift
My friendship stone is always with me and although it sounds sentimental it is one of the most valuable presents I have ever received.


The Friendship Stone Video Channel

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Tiger's Eye - Created the Way Friendships Are Made

Originating from the heart of Africa, The Friendship Stone is a variegated semi-precious Tiger's Eye gemstone. Completely natural, these stones do not undergo any artificial process.

Each Friendship Stone goes through a special six-week procedure where, stone-upon-stone, they are tumbled together to take on unique shapes and shades. The end result is the exquisite Friendship Stones, as unique as each of our relationships and us.

Shaped by its closeness to other stones, The Friendship Stones are much like how our shared experiences knit and create each of us as individuals.

Why give the Gift of The Friendship Stone?

Because giving The Friendship Stone to friends and family is a symbol of their inner beauty and uniqueness. Like the shining rays that reflect vibrant golden and chocolate brown colors within the stones, we all have a beautiful light emanating inside us.

Because it reminds us to stay positive: as these colors change their appearance as the stone is turned, it reminds us that we can also change our perspective on adversities to find something positive.
Because it spreads love and support:

"Thank you my friend. I love the friendship stone. I am going to a big meeting this weekend that could be stressful so I am bringing it to remind me of LOVE and CONNECTIONS and all the good in the world." - Beth
"Since the stone age, man has used stone for shelter and has found special qualities in it - like providing energy and protection, and boosting confidence and health on a daily basis. Since I received the friendship stone, it has been in my pocket. It absorbs my body heat and I feel it as part of me, and the warm and mutual connection with the person who gave it to me." - Nadav


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The Friendship Stone Gifts

The Friendship Stone Gift Pack

The Friendship Stone Gift Pack


The Friendship Stone Individual read more »

Friendship Stone Desk Stone

The Friendship Desk Stone


Amidst the piles of papers and files on your friend’s desk there is one item that will stand out .


The Friendship Stone Power of Two


The Power of Two Friendship Stone Pack is the perfect unique gift to give to two close friends

The Friendship Stone Necklace

Friendship Stone Necklaces

$55 - $120 

Each Friendship Stone Necklace is one of a kind and available on fine leather and 14K gold filled chains. No two stones are alike!

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